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Book Reviews & Library News
Oh, for Christ's Sake
Jesus Land: A Memoir
by Julia Scheeres
My Fundamentalist Education; A Memoir of a Divine Girlhood
by Christine Rosen
book reviews
David A. James

Library News
by D. Helfferich

Calendar of Events

"Bend over"
Dan Darrow

"a work of art"
by Jamie Smith

"On his High Horse"
by Jolene Schafer-Howell

"The overexamined life"
by Eric Troyer

GVEA's Big Carrot Might be a Rotten Apple

Letters to the Editor
Edmund Clausen
Jeff Rogers
Don Key
Ray Cameron

Movie Reviews
Video Dreamland
The Proposition
Lucky Number Slevin
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Art School Confidential
Running Scared
Kinky Boots
reviews by Thela Clayton

"Ballad of Richardson"
by Anonymous

by Cam Leonard

Postal News
Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market
by Dave Lacey

public announcements
Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Opera Auditions!

Infant Society
The Stork Report: Two Moons' Worth of Babies
Rose Lee Therrell
Oscar Carl Montgomery
Evelyn Blackshear Wool
Soula Gene Gianakopoulos

by D. Helfferich

Ray's View from the Lump

Victuals & Drink
The Deft Palate
Something fishy this way comes
by Mary Haley

Winter Wings
Black-capped Chickadee
courtesy the Alaska Bird Observatory


Borough Plans Land Dispersal in the Ester Area
by Devta Khalsa

An area around Old Ridge Road has been nominated for auction. Get your comments in to the borough right away!

Boosting Hot Air Again
or, Floating Some Old Ideas
by Ross Coen

Certain old ideas just won't die, and in Alaska, they seem to pop up around election time, no matter how strange they are. This time, it's blimps and dams, but these aren't the weirdest ones floated out there.

A Guardsman Home
by D. Helfferich

Army National Guardsman Travis Kulp has returned to Ester. Welcome back!

Hook'a Bowl '06
by "Bonecrusher" Billington

Day-glo pants you could see from space, actual cheerleaders, and the infamous "Oogabooga" play on a perfect October day for football.

An Introduction to Geothermal Energy in Alaska
by Brian Yanity and Amanda Kolker

Geothermal energy potential is high in several areas of Alaska, and one of the primary reasons for the renewed interest in it here is the substantial technological improvement in utilizing moderate-temperature geothermal systems.

The Missionary Position: On Hugo Chavez
opinion by Neal Matson

Many folks living in rural villages and relying on oil for home heating have a generous neighbor in Hugo Chavez. Chavez is this hemisphere'sgood Samaritan.

Polar Lights: Zimmerman's Photo Stamped!
by D. Helfferich

A local photographer's panoramic image of the aurora is picked up by the United States Postal Service, soon to be on a sheet of stamps near you!

When Lawyers are War Criminals
guest editorial by Scott Horton

The example of Helmuth James von Moltke, a staff lawyer at the German defense ministry during World War II, and the questions he asked regarding the conduct of lawyers and their proper role as the guardians of the law, should serve as an important guide to lawyers today in America.

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